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Madison Photo


Madison race Recap

We put together a solid weekend @ the first set of USGP’s in Madison. Here is my cyclingdirt interview from day 1 where I ended up 12th after a bad start.

Watch more video of USGP Planet Bike Cup 2011 on

Mitch had a solid 15th and got his 1 uci point which matches his nickname #1.

Sunday was a totally different race with the sky opening up and heavy stuff coming down. I had a great start but then proceeded to lay it down hard and gave myself a self inflicted mechanical. With not having my B bike dialed in which was just built this weekend I nursed the issue for a couple laps before I pitted. I did my first lap on my new Cannondale superX(thanks Troy @ Cannondale) in the race. The bike was working awesome looking forward to putting it to use in fort Collins. I ended up racing with Kabush and Powers for 8th. Unfortunately for me I ran out of gas and ended up 10th. All said I’m psyched with the first weekend of USGP’s with a couple of Belgians in the top 10.

Mitch didn’t end up having a great day. He was having some issues with the mud. He ended up rolling in for 25th. With that said the first mud race can be a shock to the system. It definitely takes a few time to get your mud legs and bike handling down.

Thanks to Myron, Zak, and Waldek for all the help this weekend. Hopefully Myron won’t have to glue any tires or do a bike build in Fort Collins.  The guy has been busy in the rush to get everything setup in the beginning of the season.

Next up for us is Fort Collins in two weeks. Im hoping today’s weather is the trend for the season.


Clif Bar Kids Clinic at USGP Madison

Troy and I hosted the first USGP Clif Bar Kids Clinic of the year at Madison. We had a good turn out from some experienced juniors and some kids getting ready for the first cross race ever. Some pretty talented kids with a knack for learning new skills on the bike.

The course has a little bit of everything with a sometimes ridable run up, tight turns and, a couple of quick descents and fast straight aways. Check out our course preview below and watch the race live at “Hello and welcome to Movie Phone” .



Madison Pre Ride

Marathon MTB Nationals

After a rough go at Cross Vegas (I’ll let the results speak for themselves) I set my sights on marathon mountain bike nationals in Bend, Oregon. Cross Vegas Wednesday night, Interbike Thursday, travel Friday, race Saturday. Not much time to recover but I was motivated. Made the trip up with my Dad and a couple other masters friends. I was able to get out Friday evening and pre ride some of the course and surprisingly it was great. A little dusty to say the least but really fun. From what I was hearing it wasn’t supposed to be the most exciting course but I was enjoying it. Good mix of single track, double track and fire road. The 9 am start was a little brisk but it was enjoyable. Into the first section of dirt I was sitting ~10th in a big cloud of dust just hoping there wasn’t any big rocks or drops coming to eat me alive. I made it through though. My climbing legs weren’t completely there and I struggled on the slight climbs that littered the course but was able to make up some ground on the descents. I rolled in with a 15th place. Not amazing, not horrible. I would have liked a little better, especially coming off a 6th last season but I can’t complain too much. I had a great time, kept pushing and really enjoyed the course. Bend is beautiful, especially in the late summer. My only other experiences have been in December, quite different for sure. The old man ended up getting caught in the last couple miles after leading the whole race. Local course knowledge got him but he was still pretty happy. Overall, a great trip with good friends, good weather, and good riding. Now it’s time for some more cross racing. Skipping the travel to WI this weekend to recover a bit. Hoping to be riding quick for Ft. Collins in a few weeks… Also have 24 hour mountain bike nationals thrown in there with some good buddies for some fun. If you can call riding your bike in the dark, cold night at 3 am fun. Which I probably can.


Starcrossed weekend

Well I turned it around after a rough go of it in Vegas. Vegas always seems to work me over no matter what. 20 minutes in and im suffering like a dog an going nowhere fast.

Starcrossed has been an event I’ve made each of the last 5 years. I put together to solid days. The fields were deep with a handful of euros racing. I ended up 11th on Saturday and 9th on Sunday. The entire race was decided in a sand pit that was about 100 meters long. I was able to ride it in warm up but couldn’t put it together in the race. I got to work on my running and the legs are sore today to say the least Still getting use to all the new equipment but the bikes will be awesome once I’ve got everything dialed.



Website Launch

This is going to be the spot to get all the info on Team Clif Bar over the course of the cross season. Would like to start out by thanking all of our sponsors for the continuing support.  Follow Brady Kappius , Mitch Hoke and Troy Wells over our season. Below is the tentative schedule for the team.

Cross Vegas 9/14
Marathon Mountain Bike Nationals (Brady) 9/17
Starcrossed Seattle 9/17
Rad Racing G.P. 9/18
USGP Planet Bike Madison 9/24-25
USGP New Belgium Cup Fort Collins 10/8-9
Boulder Cup 10/30-31
Iceman Cometh 11/5
Cincinnati 3 11/4-6
USGP Louisville 11/12-13
Jingle Cross 11/25-27
USGP Bend, OR 12/10-11
Nationals Madison 1/7