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Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge

While my other two Clif Bar teammates are shredding the cross scene stateside, I’m over in Langkawi, Malaysia for the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge (LIMBC for short). It’s a 5 day mountain bike stage race on the island of Langkawi, ‘the Hawaii of Asia’. Not sure how big the market is for Clif Bar product over here but it was a once in a lifetime chance so I had to take it.

After 5 separate flights we got here last Friday, giving us a few days to get acquainted with the area before the racing really began on Tuesday. Getting adjusted to the time zones was surprisingly easy, my travel partner, Russell Finsterwald, and I had no trouble. After traveling that long I guess your body just gives up. The first few days can be summed up in the following pictures:

Late Monday night / early Tuesday morning death struck. Vomiting every 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Spend a full 24 hours in bed, only ate 1 cup of oatmeal and a pack of Clif Blocks. It was rough. Missed the first stage but I didn’t really care. I was just happy to start feeling better. I started stage 2, but wouldn’t consider it racing. I made it a bit longer today. Hoping to keep progressing for tomorrows uphill road TT. Short track on Saturday and thats it! I’ll keep you updated. Or follow me on the Twitters.


Granogue Weekend (Fun Stuff)

On the way home from the race on saturday I witnessed 20111017-103749.jpg The domino’s pizza delivery guy went for it right into a black SUV. It was a scary accident and since I was right behind the blue Camry we stayed around until the cops came to give a statement. (Waste of time but you never know). The guy directing traffic lived across the street and said it was the 40’th accident he had seen on this corner. It seemed as if he strives on the accidents. He was directing traffic until the police showed up an hour later. Some good people watching @ the scene. One guy driving by tossed out flairs on the go. Another vehicle was right out of the jersey shore with a guy hanging out the sun roof and pissed off when the guy directing traffic stopped him. Also another domino’s delivery guy came and took the lighted sign off the car. He also had a dent in his car.

Big thanks to Tom McDaniel for setting us up with a place to stay. It is almost like going to bike camp since he puts up with about 10 to 15 riders in his house for the race weekend. It was a fun time getting to know a lot of the up and coming juniors.

Checkandfor a complete recap of the race weekend

Watch more video of Granogue Cross 2011 on

Watch more video of Granogue Cross 2011 on

Granogue Weekend

Solid weekend for the crew.  On saturday Mitch held it down with a 3rd place.  Troy had some issues going on and had to finish up on mitch’s bike for 8th.  On sunday Troy sprinted with Justin Lindine for the win but came up short finishing 2nd.  Looks like Troy needs to get to sector 16 and do some bay rides.  Mitch took 7th on day two.  Look back tomorrow for a more in depth blog on the weekend.

Mitch’s Secret Morning Training

Fort Collins Day 1

Mitch Fort Collins Interview

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Fort Collins Pre Ride