Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge

While my other two Clif Bar teammates are shredding the cross scene stateside, I’m over in Langkawi, Malaysia for the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge (LIMBC for short). It’s a 5 day mountain bike stage race on the island of Langkawi, ‘the Hawaii of Asia’. Not sure how big the market is for Clif Bar product over here but it was a once in a lifetime chance so I had to take it.

After 5 separate flights we got here last Friday, giving us a few days to get acquainted with the area before the racing really began on Tuesday. Getting adjusted to the time zones was surprisingly easy, my travel partner, Russell Finsterwald, and I had no trouble. After traveling that long I guess your body just gives up. The first few days can be summed up in the following pictures:

Late Monday night / early Tuesday morning death struck. Vomiting every 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Spend a full 24 hours in bed, only ate 1 cup of oatmeal and a pack of Clif Blocks. It was rough. Missed the first stage but I didn’t really care. I was just happy to start feeling better. I started stage 2, but wouldn’t consider it racing. I made it a bit longer today. Hoping to keep progressing for tomorrows uphill road TT. Short track on Saturday and thats it! I’ll keep you updated. Or follow me on the Twitters.


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