Iceman and Cincinnati

The Crew

Myron working the pits in boudler

This weekend almost killed Myron, Brady (BK Ripper), and Troy. It all started with Troy and Myron spending a night in O’Hare airport after their finial flight to traverse city had a pilot MIA. It’s not a good sign when an airline can’t get a hold of a pilot. Needless to say it was a quick night of 4 hours of sleep before the 6:30 Am flight to Traverse City for the ICEMAN Cometh. Got off the plane killed a couple of hours then it was off to pre ride the course with the veteran Brian Matter. We had a good crew with BK Ripper, Finsty, Matter and Troy. Myron dropped us off @ the mid-way feed zone then headed to the finish.

Next up was the expo @ ICEMAN which is like a mini vegas. Thousands of people running around checking out the latest stuff. Brady, Troy and Matter signed some autograph. Check out Colt’s pre-race interviews on Cyclingdirt to see the seen.

Race day came fast. After a great breakfast @ the green cafe in traverse city it was race time before we could blink. ICEMAN is intense from the start with the fight for the single track. After that it is fast and group racing. Troy made the front group and was in the lead group with 10K to go but had some mechanical difficulties that left him settling for 15th. BK ripper missed the initial split and rolled in for 25th. Check out Colts coverage @

AFter ICEMAN the race was on to make it to Cincinnati. After trading rental cars @ the airport we settled in for a 8 hour drive.

Traveling Light! (That’s with zero bikesn just two bike cases)

We pulled into a hotel in Lima, OH about two hours from the race venue. Thanks to the time change we woke up around 10 a.m. the next morning. On the way to the venue we hit the chipotle (lunch of champs). Once we made it to the venue it was game on sort of. Troy, Brady and Myron all felt the drive. Troy ended up putting in a solid ride for 7th. Mitch was 8th on the day and put in his 3rd top 10 performance in 3 days.

Today Myron and Troy went to work and cleaned all the bikes. After a couple days in Cincinnati it will be time for Louisville G.P.


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