Derby USGP

Team Clif Bar had a solid weekend in Louisville. Check out my preview video of the course with Towle lending his voice for the voiceover.

The kids clinic is always out of control in Louisville. About 40 kids going for it. it’s really cool to see the skills the kids are rocking.

Saturday was game day. At the USGP’s the big day is Saturday since its always the C1. The C1 day is big points and money. I was able to get another 7th. After a terrible start I put down the fastest lap of the day for my 2nd lap to bridge to the main chase group. I was hoping to put down a solid sprint for 5th but a gap opened in the turns and left me sprinting jones for 7th. Not really known for my sprint somehow I timed it perfect and just got him on the line.

Mitch had a solid day coming in 17th and the Brady the BK Ripper was 35th.

Sunday I was in the mix for a while but then faded hard and just wasn’t on a good day. Mitch and BK both had better days. Mitch was battling for 10th but had to settle for 13th. BK but down a 25th.

Also keep an eye on Mitch’s movember ‘stache.

Thanks to bill @ challenge we all ran the grifo xs this weekend. It was tje perfect tire for the fast course. Also Myron had everything dialed in after our week in Cincinnati. Hopefully we can all step it up. Next up is jingle cross for Brady and I. Then we will all be in bend for finial round of the USGP.


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