So Mitch and I ventured over to Belgium for a couple races before nationals. It was a quick trip home after Bend before we flew out on Wednesday. After the rough flight over the Atlantic we arrived in Belgium on thursday morning. My friend Gregory who I met years ago @ the usa cycling house picked us up @ the airport and has been our tour guide, logistic coordinator, and mechanic. Everything has been dialed. We are staying @ Hof ter Kammen a B&B in Oudenaarde right by the koppenberg. It’s nice to be able to check out a new part of Belgium for us.

Our luggage was delayed by 2 days. So we got our bikes together and went for a solid ride on Saturday. Before you could blink sunday was here and it was time to race the world cup in Namur. This was the hardest cross circuit I have ever ridden. Nothing could prepare you for the running that you encounter on the circuit. It was so steep and slick you wish you had a tow rope to help you up the run ups. The descents went straight down with slick turns at the bottom.

I had a terrible start and never could seem to get going. By the time i found my euroland legs it was coming towards the end of the race. I ended up 52 not exactly what I was hoping for. Mitch had a solid start but couldnt keep it together and ended up 54th. With this said we are looking forward to friday night in Diegem. My first race over here never goes that well. I feel like it takes a race to blow the flight out of my legs.



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