Product Giveaway

After the cyclocross season finished up I took a handful of weeks off and recharged the batteries on the couch and fairways.  Then it was time to get back to work riding hours upon hours putting in my base.  After weeks of battling wind, aggressive drivers and rough roads, I can say base 2012 is in the books.  The best part of my 7 weeks this year was that I had my new Stevens mountain and cyclocross bikes to put the time in on.  With my biggest week of base being 32 hours this year I put down a lot of Clif products.  My favorites include chocolate chip z-bars, margarita Bloks, lemonade Clif Shot electrolyte mix, and dipped Mojo bars.  During my adventures out on the open dirt roads, I got escorted off of Southern Ute land by a ranger.  I found this great ride from Durango to the Road Apple Rally trail system.  The normal route would be about 45 miles on traditional highways.  After some research on Google maps I found dirt roads that cut the trip down to 35 miles.  I did the ride once with no issues but on my 2nd attempt I was heading home about 1.5 hours from Durango 70 miles into my day when a Walker Texas Ranger truck pull up next to me.  I waved and kept riding. The guy, who really was a ranger, rolled down the window and told me to pull over, he had to talk to me.  He explained to me I was on Southern Ute land and I needed a permit to be on the land and they only give them to people in the oil and gas industry.  On the dirt roads you don’t see any houses, just oil well machines and big white pick up trucks with orange flags.  The ranger also explained to me the oil workers normally almost crash into him so its not very safe place to ride your bike.  Then after taking down my info he figured that he should give me a ride off the Southern Ute land.  I asked him if it would be possible to just ride my bike and he said sure but he would have to follow me.  So I ended up with a follow car for about 30 minutes of my ride creeping along with a head wind and a couple of steep climbs.


Now that I’m done with base, I’ve decided to do a Trois Biscotti trivia / Clif product giveaway.  Guess how many calories of Clif product I take in during a 6 hour training day. You can put your guess on our team Facebook wall  or comment on this blog post. Winners will be announced on Friday.


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